Our Business Partners

Tarillo Vue

Aerial Photo & Video:

Industrial Building Inspections
Commercial Roof Inspections
Site Surveying & Mapping
Special Photography & Prints


Myron Zucker, Inc.


Commercial Grade - Power Factor
Correction Capacitors & Harmonic Filters
208-600 Volts


Rexel Supply

Material Sales:

Primary Disconnects:

4 kV to 15 kV

GE Transformers:

250 kVA to 15,000 kVA
(Dry Type & Oil Filled)

Circuit Breakers:

200 to 4,000 Amps
(480-15,000 Volts)


Pacific Power Testing

Specializing in:

Substation Acceptance Testing
Engineering & Startup Services
Transformer Maintenance
Arc Flash Compliance & Labeling
NETA Certified Testing Company


General Electric Power

Industrial Sales: (Tulsa, OK)

Station Class - 4 kV/15 kV Unit Substations
AC & DC Spectra Insulated Circuit Breakers
Custom AC & DC Motors - 100 Hp & Up
Low Voltage Panel Boards & Renewal Parts
Selected Low Distribution Voltage Buss
15 kV Lightning Suppression

Executive Renovations

Specializing in:

Commercial Building Restorations for Roofing &
Waterproofing issues - using Drones & Infrared
Thermography to Assess any Structural Damage.
Master Electrician with - MS, CIT, ATP & CFIAI
Certifications. Also, Master Thermographer No. 2034.